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The Wickford Group's client relationship and business development program was designed by in-house counsel for outside counsel, giving participants a unique perspective on building revenue generating relationships – the client's perspective.

The program emphasizes the importance of understanding the client's needs and expectations in order to design business development strategies around those needs and expectations.

We have identified dozens of specific client engagement and business development activities in which lawyers can engage to develop and strengthen relationships with clients and prospects.

By identifying specific business development activities and implementing an innovative new Activity Points System, the program is designed to better utilize the talents inherent in most lawyers and keep the lawyers engaged in their business development activities.

The activities are designed to utilize three skills that are inherent in every good lawyer:

  • Issue Spotting - locating and identifying issues that are important to clients.
  • Applying Legal Principles to Offer Guidance - identifying how the issues in question affect the client's business and what action the client should take.
  • Problem Solving - explaining how a client can overcome the challenges posed by the issues identified.

By focusing on these three core skills, the activities emphasized under the program create client interactions that both come more naturally to lawyers, and add value to clients and prospects.

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