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Analysis of Law Department Structure

Does your company need in-house lawyers or should all your legal work be outsourced? What level of experience should your lawyers have? How do you find them? The Wickford Group will work closely with you to answer these and all of your other questions to ensure that your in-house legal department is built to the specific needs of your company. Downsizing or growing? We can help you adjust your legal support as the needs of your company change.

Law Department Management

Once you have the right team in place, it's imperative that each member has the tools and training to provide the legal support your company needs. Our consultants and trainers have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to build and manage successful legal departments, and we will share our knowledge to assist in implementing the processes and procedures necessary to make your legal department run smoothly.

Outside Counsel Management

When the time comes to send some or all of your legal work to outside counsel, make sure you get the most for your money. The Wickford Group can guide you through the entire process, including finding counsel, establishing the billing structure, working with outside counsel to prepare budgets and timelines, staffing matters, managing matters, establishing protocols for communicating with counsel and much more.

Development and Review of In-House Legal Cost Control Programs

Running a legal department can be expensive, but your legal costs don't have to spiral out of control. Let our experts guide your cost saving decisions - like when to use contract lawyers, when and how to put in place fixed fee arrangements or other alternative billing methods, and how to get more value from virtually all of your legal vendors.

It can be difficult enough dealing with the legal issues facing your company, without having to deal with the additional challenges of managing your in-house legal department. Our consultants will collaborate with you to develop strategies to make those management challenges more manageable.

We don't do the legal work, but we can help you manage it, and if it makes sense to outsource some of your legal needs, we have a deep referral network made up of first class law firms, legal temp agencies and contract lawyers who can ably and cost effectively fill your legal void.

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