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Experienced Trainers

We pride ourselves on retaining engaging trainers with exceptional knowledge in their field. Our trainers are drawn from the very best in the legal community - serving as the core of the highest caliber legal training programs available.

Client Relationship & Business Development Training

We use our experience as consumers of legal services to design client relationship and business development programs that identify and speak to the issues most important to your clients. Our programs are designed from the clients' perspective - built by clients, to address the needs of clients.

Small Group and One-On-One Consultation

Building strong ties with clients and prospective clients takes work - focused work.  In our small group and one-on-one client relationship sessions, we work with your lawyers to structure, implement and follow through on marketing plans that play to the strengths of your lawyers and serve the needs of your clients.

GC Panels

We'll assemble a panel of senior in-house counsel specifically for your firm to discuss how they view outside counsel's role, what constitutes good legal services and more.  By sharing their experiences and insights, our panelists give your lawyers a deeper understanding of the issues that concern clients - thereby allowing your firm to build strategies to more directly and effectively deal with those concerns.

Premier training for the nation's premier lawyers

The Wickford Group offers high quality and unique training courses to law firms and in-house legal departments. We offer a broad array of the finest legal training courses to address the educational needs of lawyers of every legal discipline and at every stage of their legal careers. Our emphasis on the content of our courses and the qualifications of our trainers are essential in making our legal training programs first in class.

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"Particularly strong on presenting the perspective of our clients and really getting inside their heads to see how they perceive us." - Troutman Sanders lawyer

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