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Connect with Clients By Better Understanding Clients

The Ultimate Lawyer training looks at the lawyer/client relationship from the perspective of the client. Our client relationship and business development training is presented in 3 parts:

1.  Analyze the Needs, Demands and Expectations of the Client

We tap into decades of experience of working in-house and managing outside counsel to give your lawyers insight into what demands in-house counsel face, what issues concern your clients, what your clients' expectations are for outside counsel and what types of lawyers clients gravitate to.

2.  Discuss How to Effectively Deliver Legal Services

We provide concrete steps that your lawyers can take to deliver legal services in a manner that adds greater value to their clients. Our numerous real world examples help translate theories & concepts into tangible actionable advice for your lawyers.

3.  Explore Business Development Strategies

Applying our understanding of the clients' needs, demands and expectations, we explore client relationship and business development strategies that better resonate with your clients and prospective clients.

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"Content overall was wonderful and needed."
        Winston & Strawn lawyer
"This was a terrific course. Start to finish, the content and anecdotes were clear, concise, and well delivered. Thank you for providing this useful educational experience."
        Venable lawyer
"Great examples – I enjoyed the real life experience examples."
        McCandlish & Lillard lawyer

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