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Development and Management of Client Retention Strategies

The best client relationships to develop are those that you already have. The Wickford Group works with lawyers and law firms to develop techniques and strategies to ensure that all your clients become repeat customers. Learn how your lawyers can enhance their practice, and "RFP-Proof" their client relationships.

Review of Marketing and Business Development Programs

As long time consumers of legal services, our consultants understand all too well that in the legal field, you don't inform by marketing, you market by informing.  The Wickford Group will review your marketing and business development strategies to make sure that the messages you're sending out, and the methonds by which those messages are sent, properly resonate with prospective clients.

Client Interviews

Building truly successful service delivery and business development strategies requires a deep understanding of what clients want from their law firm. We design and conduct client interviews that effectively reveal how your firm is performing, what your clients are looking for from their legal services, and what your firm can do to enhance the value of the services it provides.

Associate Development Framework

We will help you identify, define and spell out the specific skills and competencies expected of your associates and how those skills and competencies should develop as the associates advance in their careers.

Framework Benefits:

  1. Serves as a roadmap to success at the firm for associates
  2. Provides the firm's partners with concrete standards by which to evaluate associates
  3. Guides the firm's professional development and training initiatives for associates

Our services are designed to give your lawyers a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of their clients, and to build on this understanding to develop service delivery and client relationship tools that enhance the overall client experience with your firm. Having extensive experience working both as outside counsel providing legal services, and as clients receiving those services, our skilled consultants and trainers are uniquely positioned to advise law firms on what techniques to employ and what adjustments to make to their practice in order to provide true value to their clients.

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