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The Wickford Group organizes panel discussions to address some of the most important topics facing the legal community. We assemble some of the best and brightest in the legal industry to tackle important issues that impact the day-today practice of law.

Defining the Ultimate Lawyer

Our newest panel, The Ultimate Lawyer, is designed to give outside counsel a peek into the minds of their clients and a chance to hear directly from in-house counsel about what outside counsel can do to provide greater value to clients.  Our panelist, made up of 4 in-house lawyers, will discuss:

  • In-house counsel’s role within the institutional client and how outside counsel can best support that role
  • What in-house counsel's expectations are for outside counsel
  • How in-house counsel chooses outside counsel
  • How outside counsel can improve the service they provide
  • What outside counsel can do to earn more business

Program attendees will hear from corporate counsel on how focusing on the entire client experience, rather than just the “right result”, will build stronger relationships with clients – that the delivery of quality legal services necessarily requires that outside counsel function as a customer service representative as well as a legal technician.

Certainly, getting the right result is an important component of providing quality legal services, but the process of getting that result is often just as important to the client. Many of our panels and programs focus on that process and provide outside counsel with valuable insight as to why that process is important and how focusing on that process produces a more satisfied client, and better work product

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