Succeeding as Outside Counsel Succeeding as Outside Counsel fade

Succeeding as Outside Counsel enables outside counsel to see themselves from the eyes of their clients...

While getting the right result is important to any client, Succeeding As Outside Counsel starts from the premise that it’s the customer service component of outside counsel's practice that will generally make or break its relationship with its clients.

To enable outside counsel to better solidify those relationships, Succeeding As Outside Counsel strives to allow outside counsel to see itself from the eyes of the client. It explains where outside counsel generally falls short, what the client wants from its counsel, and what concrete steps outside counsel can take to meet and exceed the expectations of its client.

The application of the practical steps set forth in the book will not only strengthen outside counsel's bond with its clients, it will enhance the quality of counsel’s substantive legal work.

Succeeding as Outside Counsel

Succeeding as Outside Counsel